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  1. Scheduling in progress
    • The date, time, and inspector are being determined.
  2. Notice sent
    • "Notice of annual inspection" email has been sent.
  3. Inspection uploaded
    • Inspection data has been uploaded from an iPad. Kane County ROE staff can now review and edit the inspection
  4. Ready for responses
    • Inspection data has been reviewed and, if appropriate, corrected by ROE staff, and an email has been sent to school and district staff asking for their responses.
  5. Responses in progress
    • School and/or district staff have started entering in responses.
  6. Ready for reporting
    • School and/or district staff have finished providing the initial set of responses. The inspection is now ready to have a preliminary report issued. Note that responses can still be added even after this point.
  7. Inspection finalized
    • No more changes can be made by anyone after this point. The inspection is now available for final reporting.


  1. Inspection Notice
    • This email is to be sent to facility managers once the schedule for an inspection is entered.
  2. Response Request
    • This email is to be sent to facility managers from the inspection screen.
    • It can only be sent when a school's status is 'Inspection uploaded'.


  1. Annual Inspection Report
    • This report can be created as soon as at least one inspection has been uploaded for the schools in this district.
    • This report should be considered as a draft version until all schools in the district have their status set to 'Inspection finalized'.
  2. Field Notice of Violations
    • This report is created separately for each school, one at a time, from the HLS website.


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